Turn something as simple as your handwriting or daily lecture doodles into a digital work of art with Adobe Photoshop.


If you like starting with black ink on paper like myself, just upload a photo of your drawing to Photoshop and invert it ( ⌘I ) making the background black and the lettering white! Pro tip: write out an inspirational quote, motivation for the school year, or gratitude reminder to use as your wallpaper.

Share your digital doodles by posting them on Instagram and tagging me, @adobestudents and #AdobeCreativeSide in your posts! 

I use Adobe Illustrator

to bring the ideas I daydream about to life.


Many of my personal projects began with a physical sketch scanned into Illustrator and pen-tooled with patience and coffee. This poster was created to pay my respects to fellow sensitive girls of the world, in a drippy custom typeface I perfected in Adobe Illustrator.

Bring your creative daydreams to reality by downloading Adobe Illustrator through the link in my bio. Then tag me, ​@adobestudents and #AdobeCreativeSide​ in your creations so I can give them some love!