Making an idea or concept to come to life is hard work. It takes a lot of dreaming, then a lot of planning, then execution. Some people argue that execution is the hardest part, but I know that it’s the idea stage.

Being a great director (of films or of your own life lol) means having great vision. One of my favorite things to do when I have a big plan, is make a vision board. It helps me to not just, creatively but critically think of my plan and really see it coming to life. Whether you make something like this to plan for life after school or to plan your next video concept - making a mood board is a great way to start.

I partnered with @nickiby to create a template in Adobe Photoshop for all of you available in the Make It center!. Whether you want to get creative with envisioning your next project, or add some flare to a photo you plan to put up in your dorm-room - you can doodle up your photo like a pro!

See how you can create your own doodles in my video tutorials!



Is it Monday or Tuesday? Oh right it's Wednesday! We've all been there. Life get's so crazy we don't even know what day it is! I flew to Austin last weekend and LA this weekend and have barely caught my breath. My mom is at me to hang out before our next trip (in less than 2 weeks haha) and I'm furiously trying to get all my work done.

Everyone's got different things going on from exams to taking their kids to soccer practice - but we've got to keep creating somehow! Using applications like Adobe Rush and Lightroom to do quick edits on my phone have been a lifesaver. It gives me the ability to edit a great story or photo all on my phone. They're super accessible for everyone and your busy life. Check the videos below to see what you can do while on the go in Rush!

Instagram is a social network - right? We’re supposed to engage with each other - right?


So instead of sharing just my own art - I collaborated with my friend Nick to make these doodle Illustrations! Posting my own photos for you guys can feel pretty one sided sometimes, so I think it would be EVEN COOLER if we could make something together!

I challenge you guys to take this photo and add your own illustrations in any Adobe program (Adobe Draw was used to make these), tag me and #AdobeCreativeSide and I’ll not only feature you in my stories BUT you’ll also have a chance to win my new preset pack!

Check out how I created these doodles in illustrator below. And be sure to share your own creations with me on Instagram by using #AdobeCreativeSide.

I’ve always been a person who likes to make everything an experience - even when it comes to editing photos.


I park myself at my desk, put on my latest fav track (right now it’s anything by Lizzo 😉) and get into my groove. Even when I used to study in University - I always needed something on in the background!

Lately, I’ve found myself in a few situations where I’m waiting for that perfect moment to edit for so long that I don’t get my photos posted fast enough. I have so much to share but it takes me so long to get it out!

Welcome mobile editing with Lightroom Mobile.

So for all of you who are like me, and needed a little help with this mobile editing thing - I’ve made a mobile preset for you! Whether you're travelling from A to B, between classes, or need a break from studying to post a quick photo... this should help you out!

Photo-editing in LR 

When I was a student, I used to feel intimidated by photo editing - then I discovered Adobe Lightroom.


I couldn’t believe how intuitive it was and how, even as a beginner photographer at the time, I could create beautiful photographs. Art is art, learning editing software is part of the fun, but teaching your eye how to recognize the parts of a photo that can be emphasized, takes time! 

Whether you’re trying to take your IG photos to the next level or looking to hang some of your own photography in your dorm room for visual inspiration - I’ve got one thing that I ALWAYS do for my portraits. 

My favorite part of editing a photo is the eyes, and using the iris enhance brush as a built in preset for this, was just the beginning of my obsession.

Try these tips on your own photos and show me your progress by posting them on Instagram and tagging me,  @adobestudents and #AdobeCreativeSide in your posts!