When I was a student, I used to feel intimidated by photo editing - then I discovered Adobe Lightroom.


I couldn’t believe how intuitive it was and how, even as a beginner photographer at the time, I could create beautiful photographs. Art is art, learning editing software is part of the fun, but teaching your eye how to recognize the parts of a photo that can be emphasized, takes time! 

Whether you’re trying to take your IG photos to the next level or looking to hang some of your own photography in your dorm room for visual inspiration - I’ve got one thing that I ALWAYS do for my portraits. 

My favorite part of editing a photo is the eyes, and using the iris enhance brush as a built in preset for this, was just the beginning of my obsession.

Try these tips on your own photos and show me your progress by posting them on Instagram and tagging me, @adobestudents and #AdobeCreativeSide in your posts!