Spice up your next blog post with an eye-catching infographic.

Do you have your own personal blog, or write blog posts for your internship, and need to know how to make them more engaging? Adding a graphic can help to draw people’s attention and add a little flavor to your blog post. Here’s a step-by-step guide for making one with Adobe Illustrator:

  1. Download and open an Illustrator template from Adobe Stock.
  2. Select the text tool from the toolbar.
  3. Highlight the filler text you want to change and replace it with your own.
    Tip: Use the Selection tool to resize text boxes if necessary.
    Highlight the filler text
  4. To change the color of selected items, display the swatches menu (Windows > swatches), then click your selected color.
    Tip: To create a new swatch, click “new swatch” and use the sliders to create a new color.
    Change color of selected items
  5. Click File > Save to save your infographic.

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