Looking for online fundraising ideas for school? With Creative Cloud, your student organizations have plenty of innovative options.

With more events going virtual, fundraising events are also moving to an online space. Haven’t brainstormed any new ways of digital fundraising yet? We’ve got you covered. With Creative Cloud, you can design and create to continue philanthropic efforts and raise money for your student organizations.

Design your own stickers

Digital Fundraising Ideas – Stickers for Student Organizations Sell fun stickers to students to fundraise for your organization.

If you’re looking for school fundraising ideas, selling stickers is a great place to start. Stickers are super popular decor items, especially for laptops and water bottles. Designing stickers is simple with Creative Cloud apps like Photoshop or Illustrator. Use this guide to help you make stickers look even more professional.

Social media bingo

Social Media Bingo – Digital Fundraising Idea Use social media in your online fundraisers to reach more people!

Instagram has become a great spot for digital fundraising. Whether it’s for your student organization or for service-oriented clubs to raise money for non-profits, post a bingo card on your Instagram story. Don’t forget to include a Venmo handle or another method where everyone can send donations! Once someone makes a donation, repost the graphic with their handle on the corresponding square, and try to fill up the whole board.

Virtual open mic nights

Open Mic Night – Virtual Fundraising Idea Meet virtually to enjoy music, creative writing, and other live performances while also fundraising for student organizations and non-profit organizations.

Even over Zoom, it’s possible to host fun and engaging events. Your student organization can host a virtual open mic night with poetry, songs, stand-up comedy and more. By having attendees donate, you can turn an open mic into a fundraising or philanthropy event. To spread the word, use Spark or InDesign. Creative Cloud’s already got plenty of templates for you to use, and with Spark, you can create customized graphics for social media promotion.

These are just a few of the ways you can use Creative Cloud apps for virtual fundraisers or philanthropy and service events. With the full Adobe Suite, you can think creatively to come up with more school fundraising ideas and implement them to make an impact on your community.

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