Fillmmaker, telling stories through my lens

It can be risky at times to think outside the box, but can be even more challenging to act on it and execute. I've lost count how important that skill is though. I'd argue that majority of my favorite ideas for photos/videos would not have been made possible if I didn't try something new and take the extra step. When you let go of perfection, you give yourself room to try new things, even if it doesn't come out perfect in the end. I think Instagram can be a springboard for this. That's why I love thinking of new creative ideas for photo sets.


For the above images, I played with shapes, shadows and masks implementing Adobe Photoshop into my workflow for a change. It turned this street set into something fresh and I'm proud of how it came out. So next time you post a photo or video, I urge you to think of something new, and push yourself to try it out, that's the best way to truly grow. @adobestudents #adobecreativeside