Photoshop helps you make any image safe for work… even when it used to include a fruity, pineapple drink. Now that’s adulting.

Try it yourself.

Make your profile professional.
Download the Adobe Photoshop template



  1. Download the template (Make_Yourself_More_Marketable.psd) and open Photoshop. Don’t have Photoshop? Download a free trial here.
  2. Choose File > Open in the navigation bar and browse to select your downloaded template/PSD file.
  3. Choose Window > Layers to open the Layers panel.
  4. Check out the different adulting accessories by toggling the eye icon on the left of the layers, turning them on and off.
  5. Place a headshot of yourself on the “Replace Me” layer by choosing File > Place Embedded and browsing to your headshot file. Click Place and adjust the size of your headshot as needed.
  6. Now that you have your headshot, find your best look by toggling the eye icons to turn the layers off and on.
  7. With the Move tool (the four-way arrow), move the objects over the areas you want to spruce up.
  8. Go to the File menu, choose Export > Export As > , and select your file options in the dialog box that appears.
  9. Update your profile pic and wait for the internship offers to come pouring in. Have another tropical drink to celebrate.