Yo! Ever want more control over your images, be it vacation photos or your fit pics? As an ambassador for Adobe Students, I’ll be sharing some tips for you guys here from my creative process with adobe programs! 


Through this #adobecreativeside campaign, I'll be tailoring these tips to students that want to get introduced to some of the adobe programs and features. I love using the gradient tool in lightroom a ton, and it can really make a change in your images! In this photo, I was able to bring out the colors in the sky a lot more so you can really see the sunset. Watch the video to check out the process and find more helpful tips below.


IMG 01

Download Lightroom and get started with these tips on your own content!


Radial tool tutorial 1/2

Radial tool tutorial 2/2

Adjust video speed and stabilize it

in Adobe Premiere Pro


With school starting back, its good a time to practice some editing techniques to ground yourself.

Usually I like to edit something for fun, just to get back into the practice of using a certain program. Perhaps you grabbed some scenic travel footage on summer break. We can adjust the speed and stabilize it in Adobe Premiere so it looks more cinematic and better to share with your friends!

Check out the process of me editing some of my own travel footage. 



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