I'm working on a regime that ignites my creativity. It happens during my runs through the jungle, minutes in the ice, surfing into the sunset. I’m chasing the mysterious space between thoughts, exploring the unknown of the mind. It's in those moments the ideas like to hit. Adobe’s Creative Cloud apps like Lightroom and Premiere Pro then give me the tools to help bring what I imagine to life.

I believe creativity lives within us all and is sitting silently, waiting to be captured. The greatest challenge is to have the courage to go into the unpredictable, and the unique world inside the mind, capture it and bring it to life. I unlock my potential by following what makes me excited. This small change in my life was the difference between living in my thoughts to having the ability to bring my visions to life. This video was created by Michael Veltman Media using Premiere Pro!

Check out my cinematic surfing video I created using Premiere Pro!