It's easy to think that the key to being a successful creative takes talent and talent alone, but without a passion and a love for the work, the work will never feel fully complete. I worked in advertising as a traditional graphic designer for 5 years. I had always assumed that design would be my job and illustration would be my side hustle, I never thought I could actually pursue being an illustrator full-time and feel worthy of it. On my fifth year of advertising, my passion for the work started to slip, and the voice in my head of wanting to pursue illustration grew louder. I always knew that there were far better illustrators than me, but I also knew that if I had the passion and drive for the work, I would be okay. So with that, I quit my full-time comfortable design job to pursue illustration full-time in late January, packed up my bags and moved to LA. Even with the timing being a bit off to start a new career, I know that as long as I start with passion and have the right tools on my side, I'll be alright. Adobe has really helped make the start of my new career so easy to explore and to test my creativity!

Check out my process on how I made this illustration!