My most asked questions are, "how did you get started?" "what program do you use?" "how do you make products?" With Adobe, I wanted to share some BTS on how I choose what to design and how I work with Adobe Creative Cloud to turn my creation into a product: a sticker!

Adobe is redefining what it means to be creative, and I am here to tell y’all that everyone can be creative and can turn their designs into stickers, products, gifs - anything! I chose to do a "sticker how to" because I wanted to show how with just a few steps, you can turn something you created into a physical product that you can give out or sell.

Check out my behind-the-scenes of me sketching, see what brushes I use,
and step by step instructions on how YOU can make your design into a sticker ready file!

The first step is figuring out what you want to draw. I am inspired by feelings, connections and most importantly words that I need to hear at that point of time. I chose "Let's Start Now" because I wanted to motivate y’all and myself to just go for it and do the damn thing!

Next, I work in Adobe Fresco to sketch out my design, refine it, and play with color. I, then, export my files over to Adobe Photoshop to complete my sticker!

The only thing you got to do now is get started. LET'S START NOW! <3