Looking for creative class presentation ideas? With CC Express, you can let your creativity shine.

Standing up in front of your class to give a talk might seem daunting, but with a strong presentation, you’ll have your work cut out for you and be one step closer to impressing your audience. Here’s how to create presentations with CC Express.

  1. Choose a theme and create your title slide.

    Head over to CC Express and select the presentation option. Start from scratch or choose a theme or template to work with. Then, add title text and a background image. With photos, you can upload one directly from your computer or import them through Lightroom, Dropbox or Google Photos. If you have photos stored in your Creative Cloud Library, these images can also be added to the presentation.
  2. Add more content.

    Text conveys important information. Make certain lines stand out by using H1, H2 or quote features.

    Buttons give you a space to link to another website.

    Videos engage your audience, and you can link content from YouTube, Vimeo or even a short video you’ve made with CC Express!

    Photo grids give you the chance to show off a collection of pictures. With this function, you can adjust the size and display of your images.

    Glideshows add more flair to your pictures. With fluid motions and animations, your images and text captions will move across the screen.
  3. Publish your presentation

    Once you’ve finished your presentation, publish it and send it out with a shareable link. Even after the presentation has been published, you can make edits and continue improving your work.

What else can you do with Adobe Creative Cloud Express?

CC Express lets you design gorgeous posts for social media, create fun photo collages and flyers, helps you put together short videos and more. With plenty of templates to choose from, you’ll be off to a great start, but you can also create something that’s all you.

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