Learn how to design business cards with Adobe Illustrator to impress your next internship interviewer

As a student, you might go to networking events and numerous internship interviews throughout your college career. Bringing a business card (and your resume!) with your contact information can help professionals remember you and contact you later for future jobs and internships. It’s easy to make your own business cards at home with Adobe Illustrator by following these simple steps.

  1. Create a new document.
    Create a new document with the dimensions 2 inches by 3.5 inches, which is the standard business card size in the United States.
  2. Design a logo or add a photo.
    The front of your business card can feature a logo, photos or simply your name. You can create a logo in Adobe Illustrator and add it to the business card afterwards, or you can design the logo directly on your business card.
  3. Add important information.
    To make a design for the back of your business card, create a new document with the same dimensions. Then, design the back to include important information like your name, phone number, email address, address or general location, and any relevant websites like your Adobe Portfolio and social media.

    If you want to print on only one side of your business card, combine steps two and three.
  4. Export and print on cardstock.
    Once you’re finished with your business card design, export the design as a PDF and print your business cards on cardstock at home.

If you’re stuck on what kind of design to do, check out these templates to get started!



If you want a more simplistic design, download this template here.



For a modern design with a photo on the front, download this business card template here.

Fun & Colorful


For a fun and colorful look, download this business card template here.

Still need inspiration? Take a look at these other template examples for your business cards.

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