Build Out Your School Newspaper Layout
Using Adobe InDesign Templates

Designing your school newspaper from scratch might be a huge challenge, but with these Adobe InDesign templates,
it’s easy to start laying out your school newspaper on your own.

Transform your school newspaper layout with these template designs in Adobe InDesign

Whether you want to design your school newspaper from scratch or redesign your current newspaper layout, Adobe Creative Cloud can help with these newspaper layout templates. Adobe Creative Cloud offers a variety of templates — ranging from traditional newspaper designs to more modern options — to help you get started on your school newspaper layout. Explore these newspaper templates to get started.


Traditional school newspaper layout

If you want a more traditional style for your school newspaper, consider a design like this that focuses on large amounts of text with photos for each story. Download here.


Modern school newspaper layout

For a more modern look, use a layout like this with vibrant colors, large headlines and more photos. Download here.


Visual-Heavy school newspaper layout

If you want to focus on visual elements like photos and graphics, consider a newspaper layout like this. Though the photos in the example are from traveling, this design is perfect for sports and news stories with large photos as well. Download here.

Still need inspiration? Take a look at these other template examples for your school newspaper.

Discover more ways to design your school newspaper by using Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator with Adobe Creative Cloud.

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