Spice things up during your next club meeting with a custom Zoom background. With Photoshop, it’s easy to create your own virtual background from scratch.

If you’re getting tired of seeing a white wall while on video calls, Zoom has a feature where you can put up your own custom background. From group events to club meetings, there are plenty of places to show off your creative side. Certain virtual backgrounds even work for class.

You can put up a picture of you and your friends, a scene from your favorite TV show or a sunny beach. Don’t like these options? Well, Adobe has one more background idea for you: Make your own background using Photoshop!

  1. Set up your canvas size
    Since your computer screen is horizontal, you’ll want a horizontal canvas to create your background. The best canvas sizes are 1280px x 720px or 1920px x 1080px.
  2. Import your images
    If you’re going to make your own background, bring in a fun photo or two! You can resize and crop your images with Photoshop to fit your background. By importing multiple pictures or files, you can even make collages and other interesting patterns.
  3. Add artistic elements
    This part is where your personalization comes in to make this a more unique virtual background. You can touch up your photos, add text, colors, shapes and more. If you want to use Spark instead of Photoshop, Spark lets you easily add icons and logos to your background designs with a search feature.
    Make digital art

It’s not just Photoshop; Creative Cloud has plenty of other apps you can use to make your own designs. With apps like Illustrator, you can create complex graphics as your Zoom background. Spark also allows you to make custom graphics and designs on a web-based platform.

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