Sometimes being passive-aggressive with your messy roommates isn’t the answer. Sometimes it is.
Watch as CJ, Nicole, and Matt find out how much is too much.

Try it yourself.

Give your own roommate a not-so-subtle hint with a customized poster.
Download the Adobe InDesign template



  1. Download the template (Adobe_Why_To_Dirty_Dishes_Template.indd) and open Adobe InDesign CC. Don't have InDesign? Download a free trial here.
  2. Click the Open button in the Start screen and find the template you downloaded.
  3. Select the Type tool (it looks like a “T”), and then click the text to make the editable text box appear. Highlight the word or words you want to edit.
  4. Type your passive-aggressive statement to let your roommate know what’s up.
  5. Open the File menu and choose Print. Then click the Print button.
  6. Post the sign in a prominent location and wait for the clean apartment you deserve.