Digitize handwritten notes and stop worrying about keeping track of stacks of papers.

Taking notes by hand is great for retaining information (and having somewhere to doodle), but searching through piles of notebooks for that one piece of information that you need for the test can be frustrating. Use Creative Cloud apps like Adobe Scan and Acrobat Pro DC to convert written notes to digital and help you stay organized.

How to Digitize Handwritten Notes

  1. Get started with Adobe Scan. This mobile app allows you to make high quality scans of your notes without having to go all the way to the library. After class is over, just open up the app and take a photo of your notes. The color feature will automatically make the page easier to read, and the cleanup button allows you to edit out anything with the swipe of a finger. You can also add and organize pages right in the app. Once you’re done, you can read the PDF on your phone or open it on your computer using Adobe Document Cloud.
  2. Edit your PDF with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Use the most powerful PDF editing software in the business to edit text, organize pages and share your PDFs with classmates directly through the app. You can also create bookmarks, highlight key terms and add comments to help you find the most important information. Learn more about everything that Acrobat has to offer here.
  3. Organize your files. What’s the point of having digitized notes if you can’t find anything? Create a folder hierarchy in Adobe Document Cloud that organizes your notes in a way that will make it easy to go through them later on. Try organizing your notes by subject and class so that you can find what you need for the test. You can add PDFs to your cloud straight from Scan or Acrobat, allowing you to easily view and edit all your files on any device.

Do you still have questions about turning your written notes to digital notes? Get more tips for using these apps through Adobe HelpX.

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