Simple video editing for beginners to the world of video blogging.

Starting your own vlog is the perfect way to tell your personal story. Whether you want to create a video for your YouTube channel, or you need to make a how-to tutorial for class, Adobe Premiere Rush is your go-to app for learning how to edit your first vlog.

In fact, Adobe Premiere Rush makes it easier than ever with video editing tools you can use from anywhere – on your mobile device or your laptop – and it’s a simple app for beginners.

How to Edit Your Vlog in Adobe Premiere Rush

  1. Open Adobe Premiere Rush. Even though you’re just learning how to edit a vlog, you don’t want your final video to look like it. If you don’t already have Adobe Premiere Rush, you can download it as part of the Creative Cloud for Students.
  2. Create a new project. Once you have the program open, select “Create a new project” and choose your files from the folders on the left sidebar. Select the order you want your footage to show up in, and then click “Create.”
  3. Trim and cut your clips. If there are portions of the footage you don’t want to use in your video, then just select the clip you want to trim and drag it, so you only see the footage you want to include. You can cut clips by selecting the clip you want to cut, dragging the marker where you want the cut to be, and then clicking the Scissors icon in the left sidebar.
  4. Duplicate or delete clips. If you need to duplicate or delete a clip, you can find those icons in the left sidebar.
  5. Edit the audio. The audio icon in the right sidebar gives you the ability to enhance your audio, reduce background noise, or mute the audio altogether. This comes in handy if your video has wind noise or people speaking in the background.
  6. Edit the color. The color icon in the right sidebar lets you adjust the appearance of clips by using the built-in presets or editing manually. You can even create your own preset using the manual adjustments you make.
  7. Add titles. The title icon in the right sidebar lets you add a title to any clip. Select the clip you want the title to appear on, click the Titles icon, choose a style, then drag the style right above the clip where you want it to display. Edit the title text right on the screen, using the additional tools to adjust the font, style, and size of the text, as well as the length of time the title remains on the screen.
  8. Add title styles. With Adobe Premiere Rush, you can use handy add-ons like a subscription endcard if your vlog is going on YouTube.
  9. Use transitions. You don’t have to use transitions when you’re learning how to edit your first vlog, but if you want to fade from one clip to the next you can use the Transitions icon in the right sidebar. Just drag the transition between the two clips where you want to see it. If you want to publish a lot of vlog content, then transitions can be a way to keep your videos looking consistent.
  10. Add music. If you want to include a song or other audio with your video, then click the + button in the upper left. Select add media, then choose your music files, and click “Add.” You can then drag the files right underneath the clips section and adjust the file to how long you want it to play.
  11. Export and share your vlog. Now that you know how to edit your vlog, it’s time to share it with the world. Adobe Premiere Rush makes it simple to share your videos to YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook with the click of a button.


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