Learn how to use Adobe Creative Cloud apps to create your own memes, and share your brilliance with your social media followers or at school.

Adobe Creative Cloud makes it easy with apps you can use to create your own meme from scratch: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Creative Cloud Express.

All you need is an eye-catching image, a funny message, and either your laptop, tablet or smartphone, and you’re ready to get started.

Let’s take a look at the simple steps to creating a hilarious, one-of-a-kind meme.

How to Make a Meme

Creating your own meme is a fun way to express your thoughts on current events. Using an interesting image and clever text, you can quickly and easily share your ideas with the world.

Wondering how you can make a meme for Instagram, your website, or to make a class project more interesting?

  1. Select the perfect image. Whether you choose a high-quality stock photo or use one of your own, you want to select an image that is relevant to your text. Some of the most popular memes use famous celebrity moments or familiar movie scenes, since many people can instantly connect with them. Yet, it’s important to think about where you will be sharing your meme, who will see it, and the purpose for using it.

  2. Edit the appearance of your image. Open your image in either Photoshop, Illustrator or CC Express, and use the editing tools to make your image look just the way you want. These apps make it simple to adjust the brightness, contrast, shape, and size of your image.

  3. Add text to your image. Now it’s time to apply your message to the image. Use the text box tool in either app to type your message, then use the text editing tools to change the font, size, or color of your text.

    Learn more about using Photoshop to add text to your image.

  4. Save your meme for sharing. Once your meme is complete, you can save it as a JPG or PNG file that can be shared on social media, uploaded to a website, or included in an InDesign, PowerPoint, Prezi, or Google Slides presentation.

Get Inspired to Create Your Own Memes

With all the entertaining memes out there, you have probably seen your share of winners. Here are some of our favorites to help inspire your work.

Tools to Help You Make a Meme

With more than 20 apps, Adobe Creative Cloud has the right tools to make your memes a reality. Here are a few we recommend:

Adobe Stock – Thousands of high-quality stock images and videos

Adobe Photoshop – Now available on the iPad

Adobe Illustrator – Also now available on the iPad

Adobe Creative Cloud Express - Create memes and exciting social graphics that stand out online

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