Quick tips and simple techniques to create your own video for class.

Curious how you can make a video for an upcoming school project, class presentation, or to promote a club on social media?

Adobe Creative Cloud has you covered with all-in-one apps you can use to create, edit, and publish your videos, including: Adobe Premiere Rush and Adobe Premiere Pro.

To get started, all you need are the images or video clips you want to include, your desktop or mobile device, and access to Adobe Creative Cloud – save 60% when you sign up for a student plan.

Let’s look at the steps to creating a video that enhances your class project and brings your ideas to life.

How to Make a Video for Your School Project

Creating your own video helps you communicate ideas in a more engaging and interesting way. It allows you to personalize the content for your audience, and it’s easier than you may think to bring your story together.

  1. Select your images, videos, and audio clips. Once you open Premiere Rush or Premiere Pro, you’ll want to start a new project and either choose existing media from your own library, or opt for high-quality stock photos or videos. You can even use existing audio clips. Be sure to select all of the assets you want to use in your video production. The images, videos, and audio will show up in the order of your selection, but you can always rearrange them in the video timeline. If you're merging and editing videos on your mobile device, check out this tutorial.

  2. Edit the flow and appearance of your video. To make your video more interesting, you may want to add transitions, motion graphics, and music to your story. You can even use the editing tools to split, shorten, lengthen or duplicate a video clip; use color presets; adjust the audio tracks; and transform your video with rotation, crop, and zoom functions.

  3. Customize your video titles. With Premiere Rush and Premiere Pro, you have the option to type in and edit your own title, or choose from the hundreds of title templates available to you. If you select a template, you will be able to customize it to your needs, such as changing the title size, color, spacing, and orientation.

  4. Save your video for sharing. When you’re finished editing your video, you can save it as an MP4 file or upload it directly to your YouTube channel or social media pages.

How Videos Can Enhance Your Class Projects

When you make a video, you not only enhance your class projects, but you also give your audience something unexpected: an experience.

Here are a few creative ways to integrate videos the next time you have to present to your class or turn in an assignment:

Showcase Real-World Experiences
Let’s say you have a project due for your business class, and it involves a lot of statistics and data which don’t typically translate well visually. Instead of relying on only graphs and charts, you can make a video for your school project that gives real-world examples. For example, to show the volume of Black Friday spending, go out and shoot some videos as it happens, interview shoppers, or capture photos to back up your presentation. Or, like this video shows, the most popular travel destinations for Thanksgiving:

Demonstrate a How-To for Viewers
If your class project revolves around learning a new skill, then creating a video can definitely support your presentation. Instead of providing your audience with written steps, you can create a video showing exactly how to accomplish the goal. For example, try demonstrating your approach to painting, so it helps viewers better understand.

Interview Experts, Influencers or Customers
When you want to give credibility to your class presentation, a good way to do it is with videos of real people who are relevant to your project. You can provide insightful quotes, of course, but visual media goes further by lending a sense of authenticity. For example, see if you can get interviews with experts in graphic design, or get reviews and testimonials from influencers, like we did with this video from Adobe MAX:

Tools to Help You Make a Video

With more than 20 apps, Adobe Creative Cloud has the tools to help you create your own videos for class. Here are two we recommend:

Adobe Premiere Rush – All-in-one video editing app you can access anywhere

Adobe Premiere Pro – Industry-leading video editing software for film, TV, and the web

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