A Beginner's Guide: How to Create Original Fan Art

Make Fan Art with Adobe Creative Cloud

Looking to turn your passion into a work of art? Get started with these helpful tips on how to make fan art.


Take your passion and turn it into art with Adobe. Don’t know where to start? Check out these helpful fan art ideas.

Sometimes inspiration and passion go hand in hand, and when they do we call it fan art. Whether you’re deep into binge watching a show or obsessing over your favorite artist's new album, creating original fan art is a great way to pay tribute to the things you love. Your art may even get you noticed by the person who inspired it.

Here are a few tips on how to make fan art:

Adobe Fan Art Ideas

Michelle Pohnert @paper.tide

Put Your Own Spin On It

It can be easy to make an exact copy of something you love. It’s great to use existing work as inspiration. Whether you’re covering a song or redrawing another piece of fan art, you should still try to push yourself and create something all your own. If you’re stuck, try using the concept of A to C vs. A to B. This means skipping the obvious connection and creating a more unique one.

Abstract Fan Art Ideas

“If you’re really inspired by a certain artist or anything, focus on why it/they really inspire you and your creativity will shine through.”  

Steffany Kim @steffanykim.design


Take the Subject Out of Its Element

When it comes to taking your subject out of its element, your options are endless! For example, change their style or the world they live in. Let your imagination run wild and see what fun new ideas you can create.

Get Abstract

Things don’t always have to be realistic. Turning something so real and tangible like a person into an abstract piece of art never fails to turn heads.

Use a Different Illustration Style

If you’re paying tribute to cartoon characters or something that is already an illustration, this is a perfect challenge to start with. If your subject is not already illustrated, then take it upon yourself to switch up your art style.

Showcase What Their Art Means to You

There is nothing more unique than your own life experiences, and art is a great way to show it. No song, movie, or work of art will touch everyone the same. Use that to make something special.

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