Learn how to make an online portfolio to showcase your summer internship work with Adobe Portfolio.

Summer internships are intense, but you’ll come out of it with a brand new portfolio of work you created during your internship. With Adobe Portfolio, you can create an online internship portfolio to showcase your summer internship work — no matter what medium you’ve worked with all summer. Adobe Portfolio allows you to add photos, text, and videos from your summer internship to an online portfolio webpage that you can share with friends and family.

How to Make a Portfolio for Your Internship

  1. Pick out your best work.
    You should only include your best work in your portfolio, so be sure to go through everything you created this summer to pick out your favorite pieces.
  2. Create an Adobe Portfolio.
    Adobe Portfolio has many options for themes and templates. Choose one that makes your summer internship work stand out. Once you have a theme picked out, write a catchy title and description of your internship.
  3. Add your summer internship work.
    Depending on your internship, there are a few ways to approach your online portfolio.

    You can create a chronological timeline that shows how you progressed at your internship. To do this, add your work in the order that you created it. Include descriptions in between your pieces of work to explain what you contributed to the piece or project.

    If you want a more traditional portfolio that only showcases your favorite pieces and projects, start by adding your best work first. Then, add other work you’re proud of. Include descriptions on why the work you’re showcasing is your favorite and what you contributed to the piece or project.
  4. Share your summer internship showcase!
    Once you’re finished, you can easily share your online internship portfolio. Simply publish the page and share the link with your friends and family. After an entire summer of hard work, you deserve to show off your best and favorite projects to everyone you know with your newly created portfolio.

Check out these online portfolio examples for more ways to make a portfolio for internships with Adobe Creative Cloud.

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