Check out these ways to amp up the creativity on your summer photos using various Adobe Creative Cloud apps

There are so many ways you can make your summer photos stand out on social media that it might be difficult to think of the best ways to edit your photos. With Adobe Creative Cloud applications, there’s an editing style that works for everyone. To get an idea of what Adobe Creative Cloud can offer to you to edit your summer photos, check out the ideas below.

  1. Add stickers and text to your photos.

    Using Adobe Creative Cloud Express, you can add stickers, text, icons and more to your photos. When you open the app, select the Plus button at the bottom of the screen. Then, select Photo Library to add your summer photos. At that point, you can add text, stickers and icons to your image. You can also adjust the colors, layout and animation of your summer photos and the elements you added to it.


    For a more in-depth tutorial on Creative Cloud Express, check out this article that features some fun CC Express templates.
  2. Doodle on your photos.

    Make your summer photos stand out by adding doodles to your photos. Using Adobe Fresco, you can doodle whatever you’d like directly onto your photos. Simply create a new document, add a layer with the photo, then add another layer to use a vector brush for doodles. You can add bees, flowers, sunsets — anything to enhance your summer photos!


    If you prefer to work from your computer, check out these tips on how to doodle on photos using Adobe Illustrator.
  3. Add a custom-made filter.

    Create your own photo editing filter with Adobe Lightroom. First, import your summer photos into Adobe Lightroom. Then, choose one to develop your custom-made preset on. Edit that photo exactly how you want, adjusting the exposure, color balance, saturation and more. Once the photo is edited how you want, select Develop and New Preset on the top of the screen. Name your preset, then, apply it to the rest of your summer photos!


    If you want to install presets already created for Adobe Lightroom, check out this article with several free presets you can use as filters for your photos.

Discover more ways to edit your summer photos by using Adobe Photoshop with Adobe Creative Cloud.

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